• Fitorch P26R (XHP70.2, 1x26650) 3600lms

    Fitorch P26R (XHP70.2, 1x26650) 3600lms
    bilakos10 The flashlight comes in a nicely designed cardboard box. After taking a look at the manufacturer’s specifications, it seems that the maximum output is rated at 3600L and the max runtime at 150h.We will investigate both claims later. Fitorch’s products seem to always come with a great deal of accessories.The P26R’s package contained a carrying pouch, an adjustable lanyard, an OTG adapter,...
  • Fitorch ER20

    Fitorch ER20
  • Fitorch EA25

    Fitorch EA25
    Mihai Gheorghe Fitorch EA25, an excellent Every-Day carry light with awesome performance. The build quality and machining are very good, without any imperfection and the feel in the hand is very solid and compact. Powered by a Luminus SST70 LED it puts out 3000 Lumens on Turbo and 250 meters of throw. This LED along with the orange peel reflector offer an excellent...
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