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Fitorch P26R (XHP70.2, 1x26650) 3600lms

by ZhangLily on


The flashlight comes in a nicely designed cardboard box.

After taking a look at the manufacturer’s specifications, it seems that the maximum output is rated at 3600L and the max runtime at 150h.
We will investigate both claims later.

Fitorch’s products seem to always come with a great deal of accessories.
The P26R’s package contained a carrying pouch, an adjustable lanyard, an OTG adapter, a microUSB cable, a keyring and a spare o-ring.

Of course, the main attraction here is the P26R.
The light uses just one 26650 cell and is operated using the textured side switch.

Thanks to the anodization, the light is given a black matte finish.
As seen, the light has lots of thick heat fins and a minimal aluminum bezel.
The bezel is sealed and AFAIK there isn’t an easy way to remove it.

On the opposite side of the switch there is the charging port.
The port is sealed using a rubber flap.

The threads are fully anodized and are square cut.
As with the other Fitorch lights that I reviewed, they are super smooth and arrived lubricated.

The tailcap uses dual thick springs.
This kind of design is necessary due to the high amp draw of the XHP70.2.
I like the fact that the manufacturer went as far as branding the board with the light’s model.

The head assembly is only accessible from the front, as the body and the head are one solid piece.
Here’s the best shot that I managed to get out of the driver.
The LED+ is using a brass tab instead of a regular spring.

The XHP70.2 Led is nicely centered thanks to the centering ring, while the front glass is AR coated.
The reflector is orange-pill textured, which helps dissolve any artifacts that the large emitter might create.

The light arrived with a neutral white emitter.
Due to the large LED, the hotspot is large and there’s also quite a big spill around it.

Thanks to the integrated charging port, the light’s 26650 cell can be recharged using a regular smartphone charger.
While charging the indicator LED blinks green. Once the cell is fully charged the LED stays solid green.

In addition, the light can also be utilized as a powerbank.
Below I am charging a Fitorch P20R with the P26R.

User Interface

Despite its single switch operation, the light supports a wide range of function.

  • Turn on: Short press of the switch
  • Turn off : Long press
  • Change modes: Single press (Low - Mid - High - Turbo - High - Mid - Low)
  • Turn on in low mode: 1-3 second press
  • Strobe / SOS: Double press
  • Battery indication: Triple press - The led around the switch will blink according to the battery’s charge state
  • Beacon mode: Quadruple press while turned off. The switch’s led will flash every 2.5 seconds.
  • Lock/Unlock: While turned off long press until the lights starts to flash. To unlock long press.

As seen, the UI contains lots of functions.
It might be a bit frustrating at first, but once mastered it’s a pleasure to use.

Tailcap Measurements

I took my measurements using a clamp meter and a 4500mAh 26650 cell.

Mode - Current
Low - 0.04
Mid - 0.17
High - 0.86
Turbo - 7.22

All modes are regulated.
The turbo mode will step down to 1200L after 90 seconds.
I have to admit that the brightness on turbo is insane.

While on turbo, the light draws 30W of power, which should translate in more than 3600L!
The output is really great considering that this is just a signle 26650 light.

I create some wall beamshots and combined them in an animated gif.
The picture’s order is: Control Shot > Low > Mid > High > Turbo

The tree is 25m (75ft) away.




The flashlight is an excellent all around torch.
It has more than enough brightness and getting 200m of throw should be pretty easy.
Also, its material quality is on point.

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