1. Disassembling the sealed head will damage the lights and void the warranty.
2. High quality batteries are recommended.
3. O-ring will be wear after a Long-term use, change it In included spare one to maintain watertight seal.
4. Unload the batteries if assure the torch won’t use a bit of long time, then better put It into Inner box.
5. Store and keep the torch off fire, statics, steaming and humidity surroundings.
6. Clean the body with soft fabric clothing then lubricate In silicon grease per half a year.
7. Periodic cleaning of batteries contacts to improve the flashlight performance as dirty contacts cause the lamp flicking, shine intermittently or even fail to illuminate for below factors.
A: Battery need replacing ( choose the battery which mentions on this manual)
B: PCB, Spring or other contacts is dirty (clean the contacts In cotton swab In soaked rubbing alcohol)

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