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Fitorch EA25

by ZhangLily on

Mihai Gheorghe

Fitorch EA25, an excellent Every-Day carry light with awesome performance. The build quality and machining are very good, without any imperfection and the feel in the hand is very solid and compact. Powered by a Luminus SST70 LED it puts out 3000 Lumens on Turbo and 250 meters of throw. This LED along with the orange peel reflector offer an excellent beam pattern for an EDC light and a very pleasant color temperature.

Inside the box we have a complete ready-to-use kit, containing the light, good quality 5000 mAh 21700 battery with usb-c charging port, rugged holster, lanyard, pocket clip, charging cable, user manual and spare O-ring. Because of the high capacity battery, it offers excellent runtimes on all power levels. What I personally love about it is the size, it is very compact for a light with 21700 cell, it can fit in the pockets with no problem.
Inside the body it has a straight contact point for the + side of the battery and a solid spring at the bottom.
The user interface is very simple, suitable for an all-around job flashlight. Is operated by the single side switch, which is very easy to find at night because is slightly lifted and has a rubbery surface: click once to turn it On and then single clicks to circle thru the modes. Press & hold to turn it Off and double click to enter special modes ( strobe and SOS ). We can also electronically lock/unlock the light by a long press from Off and activate the beacon function of the button for easily locating the light in complete dark. The small LED in the middle of the button also acts a battery level indicator which is very useful.
As a conclusion I recommend this light to everybody because of the build quality, awesome performance and beam pattern, extended runtimes and overall feel in the hands.
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